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Top 6 Bizarre and Freaky Games

I've come across weird games like Killer7 and Katamari, but these games were not only disturbing, but so far out there they can only be perceived as bizarre... among other weird things. Here are the top 6 games we've stamped the cream of the weird bunch.

LSD Dream Simulator

This area has a tendency of changing often from this, to nothing, to a giant baby person.
This game is based upon the developers dream journal in which he kept some freaky dreams written down. The game is simple, you begin at a room in your house and you travel to distant dream levels by touching objects, doors, walls, people, or animals and further in, your dream takes you into the upper, lower, dynamic, or disturbed worlds of the mind. The opening movie itself is super trippy so be warned if you can't see flashing lights without convulsing into seizures. As the players get deeper into the levels, weird incidents happen that didn't otherwise. Everything is random so getting to the same level twice can be tricky. You can wake up from a dream after some time as transpired, you fall into a pit, or the dark man in your dreams grabs you.

There are sometimes cinematic movie sequences instead of dreams which are pretty interesting. You really never know what's going to happen next. Either a giant pink goat floating above your head flies at you, or a geisha is throwing fans into the air, or a crazed gargoyle attacks you. This game is massive enough to make anything happen. It's scarier to play than to watch someone play it, so be sure to get your hands on this one.

Eastern Mind: Lost Souls of Tong-Nou

It's funny but you remind me of Myoga the Flea from Inu-Yahsa
From the same creator who made LSD Dream Simulator, Osamu Soto, here's a game that is believed to precede it. In this game, you play a character named Rin who has her soul stolen by an island called Tong Nou which once a year devours a human soul. Without a soul, Rin will eventually die. Rin goes on a journey to retrieve the soul. With a temporary soul, Rin sets off to retake the soul that was stolen.
You need bookmarks because this guidebook is that long.
This game is the definition of weird with unsettling music and graphics mixed with spontaneous events can give anyone the creeps. The freaky puzzles and creepy animation make it scary at times but you will definitely need a guide to figure this game out because to find anything in the game requires either checking everything in the game or have played it before. The game crashes often since it’s meant for a much less powerful computer. There is a huge cast of characters that tend to look like they all are having seizures which could also be attributed to the type of computer being used to play. The mechanism for this game is a point and click journey through an island that is literally a green head (no joke). The developer has an amazing imagination to create unique characters, but that same imagination makes the puzzles seem way to complex. This game can be complicated and sometimes frustrating, but ultimately beyond that it's an interesting psychedelic game.

Revenge of the Sunfish

There is just so much that is wrong with this..

Created by Jacob Buczynski in 2007, the premise of this game is that the world is being attacked by sunfish aliens threatening to take over the planet. What ends up happening is a mess of incomprehensible nonsense. The game begins and ends with the mission to save Earth, but everything in the middle will just make you go "WTF?!" Your character starts out a human with a knife but when you die for the first time, you make a deal and somehow change into a different monster in every scene with some ridiculous monstrous mess of craziness that you can't help but laugh. There is a particular scene where you have to stroke the space bar in order to pleasure your keyboard. I'm not sure what it has anything to do with the game but it turned off a great deal of players.

I'm happy to deal with anything remotely straight forward as this.
The game can get creepy really fast as it seems to intentionally disturb you with terrible paint graphics, super weird scene like eating dirt, and nonsensical levels with very loud disturbing music and sounds. I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone with epilepsy or kids.  At some point the game becomes logical when your character finally displayed as a solid human character entering a Mario-ish dungeon to battle Dr. Bob and the Sunfish boss. Once you beat the game, it's over and you saved the world. Thinking back to the journey it took you to get to this place, makes you wonder if you managed to keep your sanity after it all.

Enviro-Bear 2000

Environmental Bear seems like the proper implications, but why does he drive a car?
This is one of those games you have to think outside the box to makes sense of it. You play a bear that is soon going into hibernation for the winter. In order to prepare for it, you have to eat fish and berries to become full before going to sleep. Simple enough? Well let's add the fact you’re in a car driving forward and backwards eating up fish and berries before time runs out while a rabid badger that appears every once in a while to eat your fish and ruin your plans.
Im still puzzled as to how he managed to get a car...
The game is a simple point, drag, and click in order to accomplish your objective. You'll find yourself laughing at this game as it gets intense when you’re slipping on ice, battling a badger for fish while trying not to crash into anything. The mechanism accuracy is phenomenal as clicking and dragging items isn't a problem for any computer. The replay ability makes this game a fun play as each level changes to challenge the player. Probably the aspect of this game that makes me laugh the most is the freakishly large arm this bear has. I recommend this game to anyone who wants to give it a try.

Hatoful Boyfriend

I have no idea what the f**k your saying, it must be a bird thing.

There isn't a whole lot I want to talk about in this game other than it's a dating game revolving around pigeons in college... Yeah. I can't even fathom sometimes what these birds are saying as most times it makes no sense. What's worse is the fact the days in the game jump so you don't always go to the next day. I found this game hilariously weird since I couldn't tell who is female or male nor what was going on at times.

No! I'm not taking my feathers off!
The game is easy to point and click or press up, down, and enter. You can partake in different clubs to increase your wisdom, physical, or charisma to obtain the pigeon of your dreams... haha, I apologize for laughing this much this game is just so out there. I wanted play further but was afraid to witness pigeons having sex; it would seem so wrong if I did and wrote that I didn't.

Yumi Nikki

Nothing can go wrong when you sleep.... wrong!

This game was enjoyable in my book, being an exploration game without anything to fear for the most part. Though, the game is indeed bizarre as you play a little girl named Madotsuki who wakes up in a dream world connected to her bedroom door. Stepping outside you see more doors leading to many other more bizarre worlds. Using the up, down, left, right arrows you navigate the worlds and explore the dream world of Madotsuki. The imaging is very vivid with psychedelic levels every now and again. Exploring at first is tiresome as she walks dead slowly but if you go into the purple door, you'll find a bike that can help speed things up a bit. There is also a glitch when you’re in her dream room sitting on her chair facing north to hop on the bike. When you move away from the chair the bike disappears and you can go even faster than you were on the bike. Exploring the worlds will be a lot more fun when you’re going faster. The music can be somewhat melancholy at times but changes with every new level you happen to stumble upon. Almost everything can transport you and at times the level will repeat itself with hidden exploration that you'll have to search for.

Can someone point me to the exit?

The deeper down the rabbit hole you go the more disturbing and weird it really gets. I don't even know what half the monsters were, but some of them are violent and aimed to hurt you. While others will give you equipment like long hair and the ability to make it snow.  The abilities for the gear are amusing; the hat and scarf can turn you into a snow man and the midget can multiply little midgets of yourself up to 7. There are a lot of equipments you can obtain from characters and places that are simply lying around. Finding all the tools is tricky as they are scattered within the dream worlds and in between.

I don't know what the f**k is this but it is ugly.

What are some obscure and weird games would you recommend?

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