Monday, August 13, 2012

Watch Sonic the Hedgehog TV Series on Netflix!

Judge me all you want, but I stayed home this weekend to watch Sonic the Hedgehog the animated TV series. I curled up in bed, had a nice bottle of red wine to myself and watched a whole season of this bad boy and you know what? I loved every moment!

Sonic of today is nothing like how I remembered him. Sassy and spunky with an attitude Sonic had flaws that were very apparent. He had an ego, he was very impatient, and he loved his chilli-dogs, but so what? He warmed the hearts of millions of kids in the 90's and was 'mondo' cool about it. With catch phrases like "Let's do it to it!" and background music that resembles Back to the Future, you got to miss the guy enough to watch the series on Netflix. With both 1993 TV series and the 1998  Sonic Underground animated TV series availible, I might be missing some more parties for a while but relieving my childhood is worth it!

"Sonic, my computer is malfunctioning."      "Sally, A Chilli-dog is no malfunction."
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