Tuesday, August 07, 2012

NYC Girl Gamers Meetup Success! Join us Next Time! (Photos)

Gamer of all shapes, sizes, and experiences got the chance to come together for a great social gathering where they could relax and simply play video games. In an attempt to accomplish their mission, Girl Gamer Vogue held it's first event at 8-Bit and Up on 35 Saint Marks to create a strong and positive venue for unbiased and thought-provoking questions, ideas, and thesis about video games while promoting female and male positive representation via news, events, fashion, and articles. To put that practice into reality, GGVogue's founder Jennifer "Narz" Vargas brought these ideals into reality by holding GGVogue's first Meetup. With 2 N64 stations, Street Fights station, Mavel Vs Capcom station, and Super Mario Bros for SNES on the big screen this event brought the crowd out even in 99 degree weather. With refreshments, snacks, and alcohol offered, the night ended with the question "Will this happen again?" Her answer, "You bet we will!"

Thanks to everyone who came out to make our NYC Girl Gamers Meetup sponsored by Girl Gamer Vogue a complete success! We hope to continue to hold this event every month. To get updates on the next event, join our Meetup community here! To help sponsor or volunteer for our future events, email us at Girlgamervogue@gmail.com. We hope to see you at the next event!

If you missed the event, check out photos below!

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  1. Nice!!! My buddies and me are in like half the photos haha


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