Thursday, June 14, 2012

SOCOM - The Game that Transformed Into a Movement

   It’s been a while since I played SOCOM but I recently found my game manual that brought back memories of the time I was such a devoted gamer. So dedicated in fact that we created our own blog where we kept track of our scores and levels of a game that embodied what we felt a game should be. This was where the revolution of gaming began and in it a camaraderie between headsets and remote controls; soldiers in our own right to shoot for that satisfaction to complete missions and get on with our next tactics, and that was the beauty of it. What most of us felt was worth putting our time in because it was never a waste of time, especially after our blog got so many hits our server went down while all the hype for this game in particular continued to sky-rocket to an altitude none of us were prepared for. SOCOM fever spread through adolescents at a rate that consumed as well as generated an energy so powerful it was addicting and thus coined
               This blog was set to generate and inform other SOCOM fans of current and upcoming models of our beloved game. Granted, perhaps we took it too far with our love for this game but it has been proven that no other game has held up to the standards to what SOCOM offered us in its prime. SoCrack was a way for gamers to express their winnings, losings and learn other forms to play and perfect their craft as the third-person tactical shooter. Many came through with stories relating to their experience and ideas on how this game can be even better. This was the vortex that led us to dive deeper and in an effort to keep up we continuously produced more and more SOCOM players and fans. But after SOCOM 1 and 2, we realized Sony could not top what this introduced to many gamers who felt games were too easy and predictable after playing for so long and being one of them, SOCOM was the first to actually hold my interest for as long as it did.
               Eventually, after the server for SoCrack crashed and the peak of SOCOM began to dwindle, so did our enthusiasm and I sobered up as well, giving in my title as co-founder of the site. However, just the other day I found that SoCrack is now managed by other SOCOM fans who are encouraging the remake to SOCOM 1 and 2 stating our original mission where “we are going to be that ‘unified voice’ that get's Sony's attention and shows them that we, the community, want the PS2 SOCOM experience back.” That experience that brings me back to my gamer side, where I am not just another teenager playing the latest Sony game installment, but G-Scope, a man with an army of brothers ready to shoot and destroy enemies and lead us to victory. If Sony delivers another game with this experience enough to engage a new generation of gamers, I would not think twice to hunt for my PS2 and relapse into the socrack virtual shooting phenomenon.
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