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E3 2012 Trailers, Highlights, Thoughts, and Gameplays Part 2

E3 2012 could be considered a make it or break it for anyone in the gaming industry. Highlighting trailers and gameplays of EA and Nintendo games featured at their respective conferences, get to know more about each games features, offers, and enhancements.


It was a great day for Nintendo as the only of the major three gaming franchises to show their upcoming new tech that will enhance the Wii experience. The Wii U shows promise to continue the ideal of Nintendo's efforts in providing a more interactive dynamic gameplay.

Pikmin 3 Trailer - Nintendo showed us what you can expect in the new Pikmin using the Wii U and quite frankly, it looks like loads of fun! With four leaders you can switch between and many more puzzles and features, you'll be playing for hours! No release date as of yet.  

Super Mario U Trailer- Get ready for a new and improved Mario game that pushes it onto a social networking platform. As you play Super Mario U with up to four players, keep track of your scores and have it shown in real time worldwide. Compete and push yourself to acquire feats never before seen! With the Wii U, add an additional player to find secret paths to explore more areas within the game. No release date as of yet.
 Batman Arkham City : Armored Edition Trailer - If you can't get enough of Batman Arkham City, well your in luck. Adding more weapons, abilities, and features to enhance your gaming, Nintendo combines the fundamental aspect of Wii U and transforms Arkham City into a world beyond you've played before. Scheduled to release launch date with Wii U.    

Scribblenauts Unlimited Trailer- If you can think it, you can make it in this Wii U and 3DS game. Expand you creativity and go online with your creation. Set to release Holiday 2012.    

Wii Fit U Trailer - If you like using your Wii fit to its potential in obtaining your optimum fitness level, get ready for a challenge. With the addition of the Wii U, you now have more training to your routine. Set to release Fall 2012.    

Paper Mario Sticker Star Trailer- If your a Paper Mario fan, things just got better for you! Introducing the new installment in the series with different battle systems and more dynamic gameplay. Set to release Holiday 2012.    

Lego City Undercover Trailer - In what is considered to be the coolest looking Lego game ever combining elements of GTA, Prince of Persia, and L.A. Noire with some humor comes a game that might be awesome to play that's not just for kids. No release date as of yet.    

Just Dance 4 Gameplay- You may think it's just another dance game, but how about instead of just four players you have a 5th whose the "puppet master"? Control what your dancers do and even for how long they pose! Set to release to release October 2012.  

 Zombi U Trailer & Gameplay - Would you believe me if I told you that in order for you to survive a zombie invasion game you'd really need to think outside the TV? Using the Wii U to do just about everything from combing to create powerful weapons to scanning the area for zombies, you must use your Wii U devise to battle, fend, and shoot off zombies and survive. Set to release later this year.

 Nintendo Land Trailer - The virtual online game theme park that takes you into a global world above and beyond with no waiting line. Set to release later this year.

Among other games mentioned at the conference are Assassin's Creed III, Legend of Zelda Battler Quest, Donkey Kong Crazy Course, Luigi's Ghost Mansion, and Takamara Class course.  


Last, but certainly not least, I'll show the prominent games EA is releasing this year and in 2013. Be sure to check them all out and look forward to an amazing line up of games coming soon.

Dead Space 3 Gameplay - If the gameplay doesn't get your blood pumping, your dead. Dead Space 3 takes place on a dead planet infested with unimaginable monsters and in space. Play single or co-op in the most breathtaking and suspenseful game coming out for EA. Set to release February 2013.

Madden NFL 13 Trailer- EA did not forget it's sports fans when it thought about Madden NFL. Get ready to begin a career in the National Football League and take it online. With offline and online franchise you will explore an intense storyline, build your career in the game, and play harder and better than ever before. Set to release August 2012.    

Sim City/ Sim City Social Trailer - Bringing back an amazing game and making it better is always hard. EA did even better. Get ready for Sim City on Facebook with Sim City Social and a new experience Sim City for the PC. Get ready to delve deeper in a social environment where you can travel to your friend's cities. With deep simulation to watch people walking in the streets, data visualization, and city speculation using glass box simulation engine you'll throw your old Sim City games and dive right in. Sim City Social for Facebook is set to release very soon. Sim City for PC is set to be released February 2013    

BattledField 3 Premium Gameplay- Say goodbye to the old Battlefield 3 and embrace the five new expansions that will offer practically a whole new game. With new maps, weapons, and vehicles expect five new massive themed battle modes that will add countless of hours to your gameplay. Don't believe me how unbelievably amazing it is? Watch the video then get back to me. Set to release early 2013.

 Star Wars Old Republic Expansion - The new expansion offers a new world, new races, new pets, and new space mission. Create your own legacy online and expand your horizon in this awesome new expansion! For July only, try the game for Free up to level 15. Expansion now available.

Medal of Honor WarFighter Gameplay - It's time to take Medal of Honor Global. You seriously don't want to miss. Based on actual war hot spot zones and with amazing new features and gameplay, take on the biggest enemy you will ever face: the world. With a massive online feature, pick a team and battle to protect and serve. If this games doesn't give you the chills, dude your whack.

Need for Speed : Most Wanted - May I mention that this game far exceeded my expectations for a racing game? Race against players worldwide while battling to stay away from the police in the high speed, high definition, highly intense racing that'll make you go "HOLYYYY SH!7!!!" Get behind the wheel October 2012.  

 Crysis 3 Gameplay Trailer - What can you expect from Crytek besides great games? Get revenge by stealthily hunting in a massive world where anything can happen. To be honest, I don't need to say much about the game, the video does all the talking for me. Set to release February 2013.    

Thanks for reading my highlights and thoughts on the major games I'mare looking forward to from E3. Be sure to go to Gametyrant to check out more live demos, videos, and information on more gaming from the experts.  

 Narz is founder of Girl Gamer Vogue, writer at Gametyrant, and lead video game columnist at Knickerbocker Ledger. Check out GGVogue on facebook and twitter and drop us a line, anytime.

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