Wednesday, May 02, 2012

NEWS - What is XPLAY without Adam Sessler? A bad joke.

Less than a week ago, Adam Sessler of G4's XPLAY  left the show. Even now there are no reasons given for his leave. Still, Adam will take on a new role this summer as actor in the film Noobz. He will remain a key voice in the gaming industry and offer consultations for adaptions of games.

I want to articulate that Adam has been with G4 from before, when it was ZDTV in 1998 and was also the producer and Editor in Chief of Game Content for G4 in 2008. Leaving such a prominent position after so many years in a field he obviously loves leaves room for doubt. Normally, when any career changes are made that causes such commotion, it would be announced prior to as common PR courtesy. The fact that Adam does not have a new big project for leaving G4 raises suspicion to the legitimacy of the comment in which his agent remarks, "Adam intends to stay in front of the camera and continue as a key voice within the games industry. He also sings and is available for weddings and bar mitzvahs."

Regardless, I wish the best for Adam Sessler and offer him this, "he that cannot endure the bad, will not live to see the good." We may never know what truly happened, but we can always know that Adam Sessler is the man.

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  1. Yeah, I was noticing Adam was missing on XPlay :( Hopefully something bigger & better will come his way like Conan O'Brien ended up with!


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