Monday, April 30, 2012

The Better Points to a Zelda Game

Can you figure where each weapon comes from?

The Legend of Zelda series is by far on everyone’s top favorite list of best games ever. From the first Legend of Zelda, to Ocarina of Time, until Skyward Sword, one of them have been honored to be within your top 10 favorite games. However, I pity those of you who despise Zelda games; sadly, you are missing out.
 Over the years of playing this series one of the most anticipated and exciting parts of the game, which I personally look forward to, are the weapons. Every game revised classic weapons like the sword and shield, but what I am referring to are the weapons you obtain in the dungeon in order to beat the bosses; like the rods, magic powder, masks, or clawshot. Every game was a different story requiring different weapons yet the developers maintain weapon culture which has brought fans back again and again.. Even though sometimes we did come across old classic weapons, they were changed from the boomerang in later series to the Gale boomerang.
To this day, whenever I get a Zelda game I am itching to beat each dungeon to figure out what weapon I am getting next and how will it be used to beat the boss. This is probably the sole reason I play Zelda games now and quite frankly, I wish they could just add more weapons! One weapon that is perfectly nostalgic to me is the boomerang in Link to the Past.  Although it just stuns the enemies, throwing that baby around and then wailing on the guy felt so empowering! Tossing the boomerang also made it easy to grab far away items. When Gale Boomerang came about in Twilight Princess, I had hoped there would be another boomerang element; maybe a fire boomerang or water boomerang? But alas there was not. When all hope of a badass weapon was gone, the Spinner was introduced and I was going f**king bonkers! I mean seriously check out footage of the boss and how it is used. It is like the most awesome weapon I have ever come across. (Jumped to 5:06 to see the Spinner.)

Another thing worth mentioning is the mechanism with some weapons that are executed to properly use them. An example would be the ocarina in Ocarina of Time, where you had to use the C-buttons (yellow) in order to properly play a tune to execute a song. I remember a tune I made myself where I played it over and over hoping maybe I would unlock some hidden secret or maybe make my own tune, but alas false hope. Some particular weapons I hope the developers of Legend of Zelda will bring back and upgrade are the MagicPowder and the Megaton Hammer as weapons and the magic cape and magnetic gloves as accessories.
In the first Legend of Zelda and in some of the later games, you could upgrade weapons like the boomerang by throwing it into the fairy pond, and after admitting to throwing it, you were rewarded with a magical boomerang. Now this concept may seem whatever, but this is probably the rare instance where players were rewarded by being honest. Having more opportunities to upgrade weapons to obtain extra abilities could be another great addition to Zelda games in the future.

What's your favorite weapon? What are some characteristics of The Legend of Zelda series makes you love or hate it? Share your thoughts at

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