Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Q&A With Narz: How did you get your gamer name?

It's a funny story. In my opinion, gamer names are not just hot smoke and some have real life stories with sentimental meaning. Before using Narz, I also went by Miya Sasuki in RPG games and on Gaia Online. Sasuki was based on the Suzuki books where I learned how to play the piano and Miya was a name I wished for instead of my given name. However, Narz won out after deep reflection of my interests, one of them being Greek mythology and my infatuation with the Greek goddess Nike meaning “victory.” I wanted to embody the name because who doesn’t want to be a winner, but I held back on using it due to the well-known sneaker company. I kept the “N” though and worked on assembling the rest of my name when I remembered how my sister and I watched Animaniacs religiously and eventually coined ourselves the Pinky and the Brain. I was taller than her and was deemed Pinky after constantly using his famous line “Narf!” It came upon me later to remove the “F” and add a “Z” to make it unique enough and get Narz: my gamer name.

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