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Fashion - MagicBeanBuyer: Jamie Ferraioli's Remarkable Gaming Heels

Written By MsSpiceGrr        
(Yellow Bangles: JCrew, Pink Watch: Anne Klein, Leather Jacket: LUX UO, Top: Zara Basic, Jeans: J Brand, Bag: Tango Creation)
   For my sister’s wedding we obliged to the mandatory attire enforced by the bridezilla herself. The last two months leading up to the wedding were crucial and if I even suggested something as trivial as changing our nail color I would have endured the full extent of my sister’s wrath, which is why I find Jamie Ferraioli’s inspiration for creating Super Mario Bros inspired heels so fascinating. Not many bridesmaids can say they walked down the aisle wearing gamer heels, in fact it would not be much of a stretch to say that Jamie sister-in-law’s wedding is the one and only with a bridal party who utilized such creativity.
They decided to go against the norm and waltz down the aisle in brightly colored shoes, at the risk of being shunt (in my opinion). However, Jamie quickly took initiative and after hunting and failing to find the perfect color shoes, she decided to paint her heels herself. The bright blue she chose for her heels reminded her of the blue color sky in Super Mario Bros. “So I just went with it!” she says and received great feedback after people got a load of those custom hand-painted Super Mario heels. Immediate requests for pairs of their own followed and soon she had to put up a sale for hand painted gamer shoes at her own shop. 
(Yellow Bangles: JCrew, Pink Watch: Anne Klein, Leather Jacket: LUX UO, Top: Zara Basic, Jeans: J Brand, Bag: Tango Creation)
Who wouldn’t be fascinated by these condensed versions of the Super Mario scenery, where your foot represents Mario or Luigi stepping into a world of vast arrays of giant green pipes, fire shooting flowers, golden coins and deadly turtles? This and more is proportionally detailed along a single shoe that embarks on a quest to explore the gamer side to your style and personality. You can choose to take away or add more to the bright blue sky of Yoshi’s world or the black night of the gloomy world right before you enter to fight Bowser. However, these shoes do not stop at the Super Mario theme but embraces any game that inspires you to wear them at your feet. Aside from Super Mario Bros, Jamie also has Zelda inspired shoes on display at the Magic Bean Buyer at This helps promote her latest designs now that these gamer shoes are evolving at a rapid pace.
So don’t wait up; style up a pair of your shoes that are wasting away in your closet and in need to be revived by the hand of this heavenly crafted shoe maiden. You can send them in with a detailed description of what you want and how you would like it to represent your favorite game as well as your individuality. She is also open to suggestions to any new ideas and different designs that can help her appeal to every side of girl gamer chic. Remember these shoes are only chic because they are painted with durable non-chip paint and sealed for their protection; always take precaution not to wear them on a rainy day and help maintain its resilience.  
(Top: American Apparel, Skirt: Banana Republic, Blazer: Banana Republic, Bag: Banana Republic)
Jamie is looking forward to branch out and not only appeal to female gamers, but to also hone her skills in creating gamer sneakers “so I'm not neglecting the guys” she says “I just have to do a bit more "field research" first!” I look forward to own a pair of custom hand-painted Super Mario sneakers and it wouldn’t hurt for these upcoming designs to go both ways.
(Model: Marcella Sassha Anjelica)
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