Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sony's SmartWatch May Not Have Been a Smart Idea

Written by MsSpiceGrr      
   It took a long time before I gave in to the hype and ditched my old faithful Blackberry Bold to move on up to the iPhone 4S. Believe me when I say that I probably would have stayed with my Bold forever if it was not for my careless nature and unwillingness to give into my old phone company’s ridiculous demands. But there you have it, I am now owner of an iPhone 4S and after struggling for a few weeks and nearly destroying the phone, I fell in love. I am sure there are many others who feel the same way and have adjusted to this incredible device that offers access to information that we could not have imagined a phone could ever do. But technology does not stop at a particular plateau and we sometimes forget that all the time and effort we put into these mini computers is only for a limited time before the next big thing comes around.

          In this case, it is Sony’s SmartWatch that has yet to hit the market and has already established competition between the inPulse Pebble. The SmartWatch allows you to answer a call on your Bluetooth, check your inbox or surf quickly through your Facebook and Twitter (among other things). It is designed for our information age where now the simplest things, as in reaching into your bag and answering your phone, are no longer necessary. We now have the option to answer our phones by only clicking on this watch on our wrist.
Considering that this technological development is ideally efficient for federal government secret agents who need to keep a low profile and stay on the move, it makes me wonder who else would actually buy into this.  Unlike the Pebble that can connect to both the iOS and Android, Sony’s SmartWatch only connects to the Android. How can Sony believe this to be successful without targeting both Android and iOS users? It does not take long to connect the dots and figure out how people get sucked into a vortex of having the latest installments of a “SmartAnything,” and this little SmartWatch will not fall behind. But without using efficient marketing strategies and killing the watch before it can even walk, you risk not being able to catch users wanting the latest gadget. I include myself in this array as well, reflecting on my tendency to have fallen even after so much fighting against my smartphone. I may not be a fan of huge watches but when I am automatically excluded from purchasing one, I think I might just consider getting me a Pebble.
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