Monday, March 26, 2012

Review - Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom - Unleash your Ultimate Fury!

The arcade based game, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom, combines Marvel and Capcom characters to fight another in epic battles with amazing abilities. Having seen the game at ComicCon 2011, I was super excited to see a large variety of characters. Sadly, I wasn't able to play it till now. These abilities are straight from the characters’ original games or sometimes added abilities that would surprise the player. The game’s opening was exciting too but wears off after 2 or 3 times of seeing it. Luckily, there are movies in the gallery section where the player can watch unlocked movies of different characters. If you are interested about the movies of each character then try out the arcade mode. If you like arcade games then you would probably find yourself sucked into the madness of all the explosions and swift movements of the characters. Besides arcade mode, there is also versus mode, training, and even matches online where the player can battle one another and show off their awesome talents as a gamer.

If you are one of those types that like to smash buttons like a maniac this game helps you out with that. Before you get to choose your characters, the game allows you to choose “normal”, where your play commands is based off the original arcade version, or “simple”, which is for “button smashing” people. I enjoy the additional option to learn and master the commands for each player. Players can choose from a wide list of characters to form a team of three. I think it’s pretty neat perk to play Nemesis, Virgil, and Phoenix Wright. Players can also load and save their favorite teams to play anytime. The first time I played Ultimate MVC, I chose three new characters. One of them was Rocket Raccoon, who I never seen before. While fighting with some friends, I did not expect this small raccoon to be fast and quite useful. I mean, this furry guy has giant guns and traps everywhere! In addition to this cool raccoon, he has an awesome accent and attitude, sometimes calling people a “wanker.” As I used this character, I was running all over the place, shooting and even climbing onto people and scratching them, which I found was funny. I recommend using Rocket Raccoon for a little bit because he is an interesting character, similar to many others.

Overall, the soundtrack did not cease to disappoint me. The theme songs for each character are unique and the voices for Capcom characters between Japanese and English are interesting. In the “Options”, the player can switch from English to Japanese and vise versa. One of the choices when changing the voices is called “Original”, where you can see who was originally Japanese or English. To summarize, this would be a game that you would find yourself playing with other people because when playing alone, all you can do is arcade mode and training. It is a bit boring playing alone and there are limited options for the player. After the first few hours of playing, you will find yourself to grow bored and do something else. However, this is a good game to let out a grudge or a bet in the game with a friend or family member. Overall, I would give this game a rating of 4/5.

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