Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mass Effect Series Empowers Gender and Sexuality Equality

             If there is a game that sets the bar for other games it will have to be Mass Effect. What other games encompasses all aspects of gamers and places into one nice package and does an amazing job at it? With the difficulty level adjustable at any given time and the option of choosing a male or female Shepard, just about anyone could play this game. Parents will be a little unsettled with ME3 gore, but ME2 has little to no blood or exploding bodies.  Even the relationships within ME were embracing all types of sexualities: gay, bi-sexual, bi-curious, lesbian, straight, experimenting, omni-sexual, and asexual. This gives free choices to players to play a game at their own discretion free from stringent linear expectations which can sometimes turn-off potential buyers.
             The outcome that Mass Effect has compared to other games is a desire to market to not just a specific group of gamers, but a large variety of potential gamers.  No longer are the straight teen male nerds the targeting market but also the older and younger men and women of all races and sexual orientation that play video games. With such a massive amount of gamers, it becomes pivotal for gaming companies to widen their target market in order to obtain the maximum amount of reach in sales. Granted the ME was an FPS, but this technique can be applied to any genre as well. If other gaming industries are willing to take the risk, it would prove that this is a worthwhile investment.
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Just the way I like my game: with choices.

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