Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tales of Graces F for the PS3 Review

Tales of Graces F, or its affiliated Tales series, is one of those games you impulsively pick up and play until one hundred fifty hours later your console fries, glitches, or freezes. When you at last come to from what seems like a dream, you realize you have been playing this game for too long. With a dynamic story and fucking amazing battle system this game could not go wrong. What other game has a four-player system where you can have friends and family battle to save the world with you at a moments notice, not to mention the characters are quite vivid in personality. The protagonist in the story is Asbel Lhant, heir to the Lhant Manor and town. The game begins with Asbel in his pre-pubescent years, with his high squeaky voice, and his quest to find the origins of a strange girl with purple pigtails whom they call Sophie. With Hubert, his blue haired younger brother, and Cheria, his red-haired secret admirer, they go off in adventures of wild escapes leading into a dramatic event that propels the story into “holy shit did that really happen” moments.
Tales of Graces F is constantly keeping the player in suspense and completely oblivious in what to expect.  I will not have any spoilers here, (although I must say there are too many deaths, oops!) but this game is worth grabbing and playing. Granted, you will spend more time walking around, talking to people, picking up items, searching, and re-doing it all again, however, the most amazing aspect of this game is the story line along with the battle system. In Final Fantasy games, I am constantly pushing the X button to hurry and get over a fight, but with Tales of Graces, I have fought every monster I have come across. Normally, I would run away and then have trouble fighting the boss later, but the developers of Tales of Graces took an undermining issue and transformed it into a glorious asset in their game.
The cinematic sequences of the game are gorgeous. There are animated cut scenes, dialogue between characters when uncovering discoveries, humorous conversation after battle, and stunning graphics really make this game a must game for any RPG fan. Maybe I did not address this correctly: RPG fans, you must buy this game NOW! However, if you have already, I commend you!
Having ceased to amaze me, I give this game

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