Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Saturday Night Beat Nite Escape

950 Hart: Antionette Johnson

                Artists from all over New York City, showed off their brilliant works in a number of exhibitions in Brooklyn last Saturday’s Beat Nite. Visiting these art galleries for the first time was no doubt enchanting with pieces that captivate the mind Beginning at 950 Hart Gallery, works from Antionette Johnson, Michael Kronenberg, Kenna Kindig, and Rachel Enchanique displayed momentums of their craft. Enchanique’s, in particular, meshed the brilliant colors of her face that synchronized the essences of her aura and reflection of her time as an artist. This is the feeling and direction she seemed to lead towards when creating these miniature versions of her grand portraits.
Active Space
Valentine Gallery
                The following galleries were set in a variety of places. Norte Maar Gallery expressed vividly with drawings and graffiti across the walls of a two bedroom apartment. Along with painting, portrait, and miniature sculptures propped against the wall, I could not help but crack my neck in awe of the wonders to these unruly designs. The exhibition delivered a daring side to what may have some consider if it was art or total nonsense. The Botanic Gallery was merely a closet sized room completely covered in artificial grass with one chair placed in the middle of it all holding its weight on its heels. I certainly appreciated art in this manner, and others around me reveled in this setting of such a rare commodity in art. Visiting Valentine Gallery  and  Active Space were cutting it close to the end of our journey. Regardless, their works of independent artist were dynamic and impressing. Learning to appreciate a work of art only comes from within and one can only experience this through participating in events that invite all to share in another’s world and life.
Active Space
Reflecting on the significance behind the drawing, painting, sculpture, and portraits is what artists invite us to understand when visiting these exhibitions. Learn to discover a connection and expression to use it as a gateway to unravel the meanings within art as a reflection of our time.

Active Space

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