Saturday, February 11, 2012

This Month's Blast From the Past: Games you should of played.

Now I know most you all are still battling with Skyrim, beating down on COD, or taking a chill pill with Serah in FF XIII-2, but lets take a breather from the modern and go to the past. Here are some of my genuine treasures which desire some recognition.

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One of my most favorite horror series of all time was the Fatal Frame series. The fact that your trapped in a supernatural freaky ghost world where the only weapon you had was a camera scared the living daylights out of me. The basis of each story was a haunting caused by an oppressed or furious spirit and most times the stories are so twisted and even mind-boggling you'd never expect it were game. It started on the Xbox and PS2 but didn't get much publicity in the USA and Europe as it did in Japan. Those who had the opportunity to play the game will know this game sets the bar for the most likely shit-in-your-pants game award. If your too scared to play the game, then check out Psychadelicsnake's channel with hilarious commentaries (Click Image) and watch the walk-throughs.

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 Before Guitar Hero, there was Ephemeral Fantasia which mixed guitar playing with RPG story line. Another game for the PS2 that never got enough attention but defiantly desired it. When I first saw it in Gamestop $10 or less pile, I never heard of it and thought I'd give it a try.  The story revolves around a musician invited to a wedding on an island only to discover the island under a repeating time-loop of the same 7 days for the past thousands of year with inhabitants completely unaware of this. As the new inhabitant you are aware of this mystery and can awaken villagers to fight alongside you to save the hot blue hair princess and rescue the island...Or you can say screw that and be wit the tall hot red head...or choose jail bait "sailor moon"-ish. The story has 3 endings all of which base heavily on your encounters with the NPCs. This game is one of my favorite games, but seriously don't take my word. Grab the game for $10.

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 You cannot call yourself a true gamer if you never heard or played Shenmue for the Dreamcast or Xbox360. This game was completely ahead of it's time and it's a shame to say it's been 11 years since Shenmue II came out with no sign of the 3rd to be released. Shenmue was sophisticated dynamic game revolving the murder of Ryo Hazuki's father by the hands of Lan Di, a Chinese mafia, who steals a mysterious green mirror from Ryo's father's dojo. Ryo goes on a remarkable and crazy hunt to find his father's killer and searches for the truth behind his father's death. The game's environment is remarkable as the town resembles one right from a suburban part of Japan. There is so much to do as this game really immerses the player into Ryo's world by creating very dynamic interactions with all NPCs and adding a great arcade featured which allows you to play old arcades games. The battle system is another fun element of the game as it's entirely free-battle with a mix of QTE which challenges the player to remember moves to execute combos and be quick in response. There are also side quests and jobs you can take for fun or make money. All in all, if you have never touched the game, take my advice and get it!

Keep reading for next month's Blast From the Past to see if your favorite old games get mentioned here!

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