Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year, New Games, New Styles, New You

Are you ready?
So to start off the New Year, I wanted to make sure my new post was jammed packed with as much good and bad things about the new year as possible. Before, we go to that, what does a new year mean? Nothing philological or poetic, but simple. The easiest way to put it is, new year=opportunity. I say this cause if you missed anything last year, you have this year to experience it! Or if something is being released this year, then you have something to look forward to! Here are some events to not miss this year:

What I'm looking forward to in 2012

Fashion Night out 2012
If you were ambitious and adventurous enough to go out for 2011's FNO, you probably had more to see than time for. This year, take time to plan ahead. If all else fails, CAB IT! To those who miss FNO last year, YOU BETTER MAKE IT THIS YEAR!
  • Hotspot #1: Bloomingdale on 5th ave is the place to start. Booze up on Champagne and mingle with celebs, the wealthy and buying, and fashion icons. Celebs spotted:Rachel Zoe.
  • Hotspot #2: Make your way to Bryant Park for a show beyond shows! If your lucky enough to have your name on the guest list beforehand, your getting a sneak peak at the next season's wardrobe.
  • Hotspot #3: Run with all your might to SOHO, down near Canal and Broadway for a last minute scoop of celebs who chill in the Hipster town. Celebs spotted: Anna Wintour, Olsen Twins, Kanye West, and many hot models.
E3 Expo
One of the major reasons why E3 will be one you don't want to miss is simply because Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo will be showcasing their new consoles! WHAT?! Enough Said! Get tickets now!
Wii U
  • Wii U: At E3 2011, Nintendo released a sneak peek at what the Wii u would be. As always, Nintendo seems to create the stage and Xbox360 and PS3 try to meet the strange and far fetched bar Wii creates. I look forward to see how they fair! [Watch Wii U demo here]
PS4 3D headset
  • Little is known on the PS4 and new Microsoft console, but just for chuckles check out these designs of the PS4 here. What i can say, Sony has tampered and successfully created 3D goggles that make both gaming and watching movies a little more interesting.

    Beach Weather
    Yes, I said it. I'm looking forward to running in the sun with barely any clothes on into cool waters. Maybe have a hot handsome fellow by my side serving me up some bubbly champagne. OoooOooO~ Back to earth, this summer is going to be awesome!! Why? Because in NYC, there's always something free and fun to do!
    Marc Jacobs 2012
    • Barcadia: Best place to check out to play old games and drink up.In the summer time, it's a chill spot to hang out.
    • Brooklyn Bridge Park/Hudson River Movie Showings: So everyday at Brooklyn park (south of the bridge) they play random movies FOR FREE. So grab a picnic blanket, food, drinks, and friends and have some awesome summer time fun!
    • 2012 Spring: This year styles are going back in time. Some styles travel back to the 1920's as in Marc Jacobs Ready-To-Wear Collection of 2012.
    • BEACH: Ok, I love going to Long Beach. Even though you need to pay a fee to enter and park your car, it's worth it for a clean safe beach. At night, fireworks light up the sky on certain nights. Be sure to check it out!
    ComicCon 2012
    The fun and excitement of ComicCon returns this year in October @ Jacob Javitz Center in NYC! Be sure to grab your tickets now on sale!! VIP is not available yet, but once they are, you can switch for a nominal fee.
    • Cosplay: Cosplaying is the fun part about ComicCon and the attention one gets is worth the effort.
    • GAMES: Where else can you play all the newest games and upcoming games before they come out?!
    • Celebs: You may not know this, but Seth Green and Macaulay Culkin almost made out at ComicCon 2011.[Watch here] I wonder if they'll get to second base this time..
    Upcoming Game in 2012
    I couldn't talk about ComicCon without saying anything about upcoming games. Games coming out for 2012 are going to BLOW YOUR MIND. I couldn't put the whole list, but some some big titles and other note-worthy titles as well. Check it out!
    Final Fantasy Versus XIII
    1. Diablo III: are Windows/Mac. Action Role-playing game
    2. Doom4:Windows. First-person shooter
    3. Final Fantasy XIII-2: PS3, Xbox360. Role-playing game
    4. Final Fantasy Versus XIII: PS3. Actions Role-playing games
    5. Guild Wars2: Windows. Action Adventure
    6. SoulCalibur V:PS3, Xbox360. 3D Fighter
    7. The Last Guardian:  PS3. 
    8. Far Cry 3: Windows, PS3, Xbox360. Free-based First person shooter
    9. Halo 4: Xbox360.
    10. The Secret World: Windows, Massive Multiplayer Online Role playing game
    What I'm not looking forward to
    There isn't really much I'm not looking forward to cause there is just too much good going on in 2012, but for the same of balance here are some cons of 2012.
    • Not looking forward to working out to prepare for beach weather. Sexy bodies don't grow on trees! So work them tummies out now why you have a chance!
    • Freezing my buttocks off in the remaining winter season. I can feel a storm coming!
    • Being disappointed by Square Enix...again. Since when have I not!? I still can't believe I'm a Square Enix fan still but for crying out loud, how much longer do I have to wait for Final Fantasy XIV to come out for the PS3?!!?

    With the good comes the bad, and every year can start out great and end horribly. However one thing is for sure, the road to happiness can go up and down. Just because it goes down, doesn't mean it wont go up! Charge into the New Year full force! <3


    1. I still have faith in square enix. While I wait for better games I will just keep playing their classics. Even so, square enix, don't let me down!


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