Friday, December 30, 2011

What GGs can be artists too?! Ok maybe not artists but i can paint...

Hey Guys!
So I know this is a little different from what I normally post about, but just to let you indulge a little into the personal life of a GG, I have opened the doors of my life and let you see some of my artwork. Now I'm not saying all, but most GGs are painters and artist. I can probably guess some are graphic designers, designers, models, and animation artists too. GGs tend to stick to things they love and when it comes to video games, their taste won't linger too far. Here are some of my artwork from years ago till now. EnJoy!

 The Martyr
Back in Freshman year of College, I had to make a college for one of my graphic design classes. My major at the time was Graphic Design with a concentration in English. I loved Shakespierre's work and had been reading a lot of it. I was reading up at the time about Martyrs and how some where stoned to death by upholding their ideas and beliefs. It gave me great inspiration to never let anyone put my work down or judge my morals and beliefs as some absurd hallucination. I submitted this piece the way it looks and got created a B-. Upon confronting the professor, she said it looked incomplete. I rebuked her stating, "This piece may look incomplete to you, but it's complete to me and it will stay like that. That is true art." She didn't get it and i had to keep my B-.

The title to this in English is "Why you gotta be like that?" in colloquial Japanese. This phrase is one my little brother constantly use to say growing up. So much so, we could predict when he was going to say it. I realized at the time, this moment of his youth would be just a memory. And so, I had a silhouette of his head at age 7 years painted with the infamous phrase so that in years to come he will always remember what a brat he was.

Astronomy is not Astrology
In my final semester of college, in order to graduate with the right amount of credits, I had to take an astrology class over the summer. It was my final class to take in order to graduate and I thought "So I'll learn about the Sun and Stars and get an A and graduate. Easy." Sadly, not only was it not that simple, it was far more interesting then I could of imagined.   I learned so much from my passionate professor that I was compelled one afternoon to take a "photograph" of that moment in which the class made the most impression on me. I remember it being the first day of class in which the professor first words were, "If you are to remember anything in this class remember this. You are insignificant in this universe. Just one speck in the pool of the galaxy. But so much are you are just one speck, you are also made of the same stuff as the stars, planets, and universe." What a mind F**k. No?

 Lotus Geisha Princess
For about 1-3 months I had been working on this piece in my garage trying to "perfect" it. One day when I came home, my uncle had cleaned the garage of all my paintings and brushes. He stacked this painting under magazines and books and smeared the colors and the hard work I had put into it. I was furious to know my perfect piece was destroyed. Months later looking back at it, I think it's become perfect.

This piece is of a spirit of the mermaid maiden I read/heard about long ago. The story goes that a Mermaid village chooses a girl in a nearby village whom is very young and offered to them so that the village is spared. The mermaid feed the young girl healthy foods and treat her with the the utmost care and maintenance. She is showered with priceless kimonos, jewelry, and gifts.  At a point in the girl's peak of youth, the mermaids devour her body and soul to maintain their youthful appearance until another girl years later is chosen again.

This piece was painted at a difficult time in my life. The colorful fiery entity on the left is suppose to be "potentialoozing with it's influence over the "body" nearby. But the "body" is focus on one seed that won't bear fruit or grow and mourns for it is dying. The "potential" can see the "body" can't progress forward  because of it's narrow-minded view and with it's influence creates a sturdy hand to support the "body."With the support the "body" tries and spreads her nurturing veins elsewhere.
This piece was  created for a project. The project was "characteristics of oneself."  See if you can figure this one out on your own. :p

Hope you guys enjoyed my little showcase!

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