Wednesday, December 28, 2011

NEWS - Holiday Goodies. It's never too late to send presents!

So Christmas has come and gone. Some of you got things you wanted while others didn't. Some of you even got gift cards. So here were some holiday goodies I recommend for any girl gamer out their. Check it out!

CrystalRoc Swarovski studded Xbox360
This studded Swarovski Xbox360 took over 70 hours to stud and has more than 11,520 crystals.Unfortunately, this beauty is not for sale, yet. Microsoft is commissioning a PR campaign  with Swarovski custom Xboxs. With the girls that have daddy's bank account in their pocket to put down on this beautiful masterpiece I say go for it. Until then some of us will have to wait till we are rich or marry rich.

 Bronze Goron Cuff Bracelet
Handcrafted Bronze Goron's bracelet from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time it measures about 2" wide with diameter of about 3.Now you don't need to use this to pick up Bomb Flowers cause you'll just be the bomb! This bracelet is actually on sale here.

 Official Left 4 Dead Health Pack
Official licensed product by Glitch Gaming Apparel. An amazing product by Valve and Glitch gaming Apparel. Now you can sport your pack to school and be prepared to fight some zombies! Sorry pills aren't included. Visit here to buy one!
 NES Mario inspired Heels
Remember the days when Mario didn't have a voice? These printed 3" heels come in sizes 6-9. The maker is Magicbeanbuyer and they can be yours here. For the hardcore Mario lover, i wouldn't hesitate to get these bad boys!
 Fallout Nuka Cola T-Shirt
Quench your thurst for gaming with this Nuka Cola T-shirt! Nothing is for refreshing! Plus how bad ass would you be walking a gaming convention or tournament wearing this T-shirt?

Check out here to purchase yours!
 Limited Edition Nintendo 3DS Legend of Zelda with Ocarina of Time 3D
For you Zelda fans out there not playing Skyward Sword and wanting to relieve Ocarina of Time like yesterday in 3D that is mobile, your prayers have been answered. Or at least mine.

Check it out here.

 Okami Den Deluxe Chibiterasu Wolf Dog Plushie
I don't need to give this adorable thing a summary. Okami's Amaterasu in chibi form can be yours here. Like seriously, any girl would love you for such an adorable plushie!
 Red Bubble Elder Scrolls: Skyrim "Fus Ro DAH!!" T-Shirt
If you don't get it, your not a fan of Elder Scrolls or probably been in a cave the past couple months. Pity. Anyhoo, for any Skyrim player this is the most hilarious awesome shirt and you can find more at RedBubble here. Now get out of my way, "FUS RO DAH!!"
 Red Bubble Elder Scrolls: Skyrim " I NEED SKYRIM" T-Shirt
Don't mistaken me for a nut, but when I went to work all I could think about was Skyrim. I actually said this line instead of "I need coffee." To my surprise, there's a T-shirt to describe my agony. Enough said. MINE!

Check it out here!
 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Collector's Edition
 If my love for Skyrim hasn't been expressed enough already here it goes. OH MY GAUD I DON'T BELIEVE THIS IS REAL?! Phew.. The collector's eidtion comes with the Skyrim game, modeled from actual in-game 3D digital files of Alduin perched atop a dragon wall statue that stands 12" tall, "The Art of Skyrim" featuring 200 pages of visually striking, full-color illustrations of everything from scenery, weapons, creatures, and characters of Skyrim with a foreword by game director Todd Howard and commentary from artists and readers, and a DVD of "The Making of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim."

You can purchase this glorious treasure at Gamestop which sells it for the PC and Xbox36.

Legend of Zelda: Temple of Time Spiritual Necklace
If your heading to the Temple of Time, don't forget the spiritual stone necklace! This rare make of the infamous jewel can now be yours at a price of course. This necklace can be yours here. Further information can be found on the site.

Hope you enjoyed my GG After Holiday Gift List. Happy Holidays!

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