Monday, October 31, 2011

This is Halloween!--- Tricks and Treats!

Hello young and old! Sorry i haven't been around but Its with good reason! If you live in the tri-state are, then you know of the freakish snow storm we had and the sad Saturday we had. :( No partying for this gal.)

Here's some trick n treating for all you gals and guys.
My Halloween costume was: Priestess. Yes i choose this because in every MMORPG i'm a healer so i thought heck why not!

Halloween Costume: Healer/Priestess
I was trying for a mix between Aion's Cleric and Adventure Quests healer and got a priestess/healer with a mid evil /assassin creed-ish. Bah. Just dont call me Mother Mary! lol

What I'm wearing:
-American Apparel Viscose low back white dress
-American Apparel Accordion pleated creme skirt
-American Apparel Chiffon puff blouse
-American Apparel Ribbed-over-the-knee socks white
-American Apparel white Opaque stockings
-American Apparel super sheer white circle scarf(as veil)
-American Apparel gold braided belt
-Steve Madden Boots (it snowed!)

For you enjoyment. Here's a trailer of a movie i have conceived over the past 4-6 months. Enjoy it and be sure to comment!

Elders Scrolls V: Skyrim
So Bethesda has done it again! It has made me fallen in love all over! :Squeal!: After playing the amazing Elders Scrolls: Oblivion on the PS3, I can't imagine how awesome this game is going to rock my world. Introducing....DRAGONS?! OH MAN. No words can say how sweet this is going to be.

Check it out November 11th, 2011.

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