Friday, October 21, 2011

Comic Con Day 3

Hello Guys! So here's Day 3 of Comic Con and the final day of Magic and Fun. Check out this days cosplayers as they troop on the final day of Heavenly fun. :D

Great Thanks to all that cosplayed. I severely apologize to those i took blurry photos of. My camera was dying BUT i posted them anyway as gratitude for letting me take the picture. Plus This cosplayer on the left, has the most AMAZING hand made Sword i have ever seen. He got his costume down to the significant detail of the sword. The picture doesn't do it justice, tho.

On to the GAMES!

Darkness II
So i had the amazing opportunity to play Darkness II before it came out for the Xbox360. In the game you play what seems to be a Mafia kinpin who happens to be out at an Italian resturant with two prostitute when chaos strike. (Photo) You'll see one women yelling and the other shot as a truck plows through the wall killing  the surviving and sending the whole place ablaze. You try to get away with the help of your assistant to no avail. Your burn alived and die. The character goes in and out of concious and comes to a room where a man speaks of a "Darkness" that wishes to be released from in. Miraculously your character survives or comes back to live and unleases "the darkness" within him. You become a psyuedo monster/human that goes on a psycho-thriller-action-dark journey to find the truth of this Darkness, what happened to your girlfriend Jenny, the meaning behind these power,s and why these people are after you.Check out the photos of me playing the Demo.

The game is a FPS but the add is the ability to control your extra arms. These arms are the heads of monster with fierce attacks like "eat heart" of victims to replenish health, throwing objects that are twice you size to distance enemies, and ripping bodies apart with both heads/arms. The only question i have is wear are this heads coming out of, the characters back?

 The game was very captivating. Much gore, blood, and action. A concoction that just reeks with gaming goodness. There will be times where a QTE will occur, but instead of pushing a button you have to act fast. In most times the game wont allow you to move forward otherwise and your stuck playing a scene over and over again. At this part, I realized i had to head shot the dude. Took me 2 tries. Lol
 I have to say the part where all hell breaks lose is here. It's probably the scene that got me to wait on the line to play. So your character sits down for dinner with some lovely prostitutes just to have one shot from the back through the eyeball and the other run over by a car. It was some pretty impressive graphics.

The release date for Darkness II on the Xbox360 is February 7th 2012. Be sure to pick up a copy, you wont want to miss it.

Sonic Generation
Sonic is back and not much has changed. New world, new puzzles, new stories to uncover. Still the fast paced hedgehog is always a comfort spot for me. This year Sonic is celebrating 20 years! Woot! That's kind saying how old I am...x.x Having played Sonic since the Sega Genesis Sonic the Hedghoe 1,2,3 i can't just sit and not give my pal a welcome home.

In this installment of Sonic Generation, Sonic is sent to the past and mets his old Classic self! The two pair to battle the forces that sent him back to save his past and future friends!

This game sound so nostalgic. Can you believe being able to play in Green Hill again but with 3D? The game bounces from different levels from other Sonic games that date back to the first Sonic the Hedghog to the Dreamcast till now.

However, the levels found on the Xbo360/PS3/PC are different than the level played on the 3DS. The 3DS gets levels from the Sega Genesis Sonic and Knuckles. Personally I'd give up City Escape from Sonic Adventure 2 featured on the platforms for the Sonic Knuckles level in 3DS.
 As you can see, the level from Sonic Adventure 2 City Escape. The only good thing i enjoyed about this level was the music. The music for Sonic Adventure 2 was pretty awesome. Who knows what we will get this time!
Be sure to pick up you copy of Sonic generations November 1 2011! 

 Legendary had some trailers of new Movies coming out. Dark Knight Rises is coming out where Cat Woman is finally revealed! In this movie Cat Woman is played by Anne Hathaway which is a very different role then the Princess Diaries/Devil Wear Prada actress ever has taken. Also Frank Miller was here to sign autographs for his new novel , Holy Terror, and give away posters, buttons, and T-Shirts. I honestly didn't want anything just the cutie giving T shirts away. Meow~  ;)
 Marvel announced their new movie Avengers releasing in 2012. Panelist whom were there to talk about the movie consisted of Kevin Feige (Producer), Chris Evans (Captain America), Tom Hiddleston (Loki), Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson), and Cobie Smulders (Agent Hill).

The movie is schedule to be released May 4th 2012.

Golden Eye 007: Reloaded
Get ready for a new James Bond like never before. The re-work of the Wii game is hitting the PS3 and 360. Some new features introduced are new Mi6 Ops Missions, a separate addition to the campaign which  includes new levels and challenge objectives: Assault, Elimination, Stealth, and Defense.

This game is schedule to be released November 1 2011.

Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

It wouldn't be a Comic Con with a Street Fighter Tournament! Players world-wide entered a ring (Literally) where consoles and console of players battled it out to be the top Street Fighter Player!

The best fights I have ever seen where blown up on this projector screen for all to watch the high flying action.

Capcom will also soon be releasing Mavel Vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds with never-before used characters! YOU MUST CHECK IT OUT.

The game is scheduled to be released February 15ht 2011.

Prototype 2
Little Man playing prototype

We got the chance to play Prototype 2 coming out for the Xbox 360. Now like the first you play the same character. The only difference is now the city is over-run with infected. You get more power-ups and special abilities to tackle both good and bad guys! Dam!

Have fun gliding around time, sending missles back, upper-cutting a helicopter, and sending tanks flying in this jaw-dropping sequel.

Not for the faint of heart. lol

This game is schedule to be released April 24th 2012.

 Final Fantasy XIII-2
Yes, Ladies and gents. We got to play the new installment to 13 and it was AWESOME. I wont spoil this one, but the story continue as we play Sarah. The mystery continues as the location of the ones whom saved Cocoon have somehow vanished!

it's up to Sarah to save the day!

This game is scheduled to be released January 31, 2012

Hitman: Absolution

Not much was told to us about the game. Seeing the trailer was an excitement in itself. But die-hard fans should be warned. It gets better!

The game is scheduled to come out 2012. No further date is mentioned.

 So this game is by Square Enix and Ankama Studio. It's pretty much a strategy game that incorporates dungeon for the PC. It works on a Mac to for those who don't own a PC. The game's graphics are amazing but the game is challenging. The poor kids couldn't deal with it after playing 5 mins. Honestly, they only played for the free stuff.

So that's it for Comic Con 2011. I hope you all enjoyed what to look forward to next year in gaming and the many fabulous cosplayers of this year. This is Gametress Narz OUT! :D


  1. I am in the group of street fighter cosplayer (chun li). Thanks for posting us up <3

  2. No, than you Glee! Your group had by far the most amazing Street Fighter coaplayers in all of Comic Con! Thanks for letting me capture the moment. :D


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