Saturday, October 15, 2011

Comic Con Day 1

If you have had to golden luck or money to see Comic Con on Friday then most of this isn't new. If you havent check out the awesomeness! As always though, fashion prevails here but today we take a turn in fashion to side well respected in the Comic Con community: Cosplay. So here it is. The finest cosplay this Gametress had the oppportunity to see and photograph. Thanks to all the cosplayers for allowing me to photograph your amazing outfits. Keep up the great work!

 Thanks again to all cosplayers on Friday for their contribution effort in flawless cosplay.

Moving on the games.Thanks to and Funcom, ladies and gentlemen get ready for Silent Hill game that's online. The developers started this porject back in 2002 but it was called Cabal then. Now the game mechanics have been changed but most of Cabal and The World Online have been maintained in The Secret World.I had the oppportunity as well as others to join in The Secret World panel were developers talked about the game and what to look forward to.

In The Secret World, you can play as three fractions divided by the pursuit of power but unified to keep the "other-world" a secret and save the world. The "other world" would be classified as the world in which the disturbing fiends, such as the Pyramid head, nurses, and all the dark monsters of silent hill live in, are kept a secret from the real world. It is each fraction responsibility under the Counsel of Venice to keep order between the two world and maintain the dark world from leaking out to the real world. Players shaper their own origin but no neccasrilty make a huge impact in the story of the game. As you go on in the game, you acquire new powers and abilities to unlock intregrated powers such as being a tank and healing. In the game, players can start of with a character whom wields a katana and later in the game can have a katana inscribed with chaos magic.

Missions that were made aware were spying and hacking story missions of other fractions which indicate the ability to attack another fraction early on. Besides the 3 fractions, there are hundreds of mini-fractions players can choose from. Even thought in most areas the fractions don't attack each other, their are certain areas were PvP is available. The characters in the game can tailor to different specs such as healing, tanks, and crowd control.

Computer System require you to have the best computer for games. The developers recommended a computer with 8GB of RAM to properly run this game.

So for those of you whom are die-hard Silent Hill fans, get ready to be wooed on it's release date of April 2012.

Stay tuned for Day 2 of Comic Con in NYC weekend.

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