Friday, September 16, 2011

New Styles New Games! W00t!!!!

A common day for this GG is work but not without some style and great entertainment! Here are my outfits for the past two days. Since it's fall i say BLAZER-TIME! Yes ladies n gents while it's still cool, take out those blazer and rock them! Great thing about them is there versatile! Go to work in them, then go grab a drink after work! You can even go clubbing in blazers as that it a definitive language attire that speaks "I'm important."
**Add a red muffler or white shawl, and any GG can look like a model/ designer.

  The long wait hours to get to work can be boring and when listening to music and playing angry birds isn't enough what do you do? Well if you like Raganarok Online or even a good RPG here's a game for you!(iPhone users only Sorry!)

It's Raganarok Violet (RO Violet) based off the game Ragnarok Online; the massive multiplayer online game that started in Korea by the company GRAVITY Co. Ltd based of the manga Raganarok by Lee Myung-jin. NEO-CYON , a small branch of the company, is the seller of the game and it can be only downloaded off the iTunes website for FREE. (The company website has it only in Korean) Once downloaded you play the game offline as it follows a story basis. You play a young boy who wants to be a knight like his father. Unfortunetly his father is dead but that doesn't stop this kid from wanting to be a knight! The elements that made RO so grand , besides the MMO, part is still visible in this version. You start off as a knight and looks of it you stay as one.

The fighting sequences, quests, music, and graphics defiantly makes this game worth getting. And with it being practically free, die-hard RO fans should jump of this offer before a price is put on it!!

The only troubling aspect of the game is the D-pad being right on the screen. If you go into another area and it loads with you being in the bottom left corner, you wont see a mob slashing you till you have taken a bit of damage. The fighting itself is hard because when your attacking you can only attack in one direction which makes it hard when there's multiple mobs. What's a bit frustrating is that EVERY mob aggros so trying to run isn't the best idea with a touch screen D-Pad. All-in-all the game is fun and challenging. I give it.....

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  1. So hard to comment on this blog! Hahah. Nice that you're keeping at it. Never played Ragnorok. I also don't have an iPhone. Looks like I'm fucked.


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