Saturday, September 10, 2011

Chocolate, Champagne, celebrities..OH MY!

Fashion Night Out 2011 was bigger and better than 2010, hands down! It was soo big FNO made an iPhone app that searches events near or far by categories of free gift, drinks, celebrity appearances, and shows. Even with the app it was an overwhelming amount of things to do. Everywhere you went there was glamor oozing out of ever brick, pore, and item. If you missed this day, well better luck next year!

GGVogue @ Kate Spade LOVE THESE SHOES!
The beginning of our trip started at Bloomingdales with cocktails, champagne, martinis, chocolates from Martine's, photos from photobooths, celebrities like Rachael Zoe, lots of flirting with models, and of course freebies!! Of course my picture of Rachel Zoe is disappointing but she reshowed herself at QVC in SOHO later on air! :D

Rachel Zoe @ QVC

Dark chocolate please!

Whats the best combination with champagne and flirtation? Chocolates from Martine's!
Whomever says no to free makeup is the weakest link! QVC, Narz, Clinique, Bare Essentials, and Sephora were offering few make-up, culsultation, and loads of freebies to anyone they befriended! I'm a sucker for makeup!

What could possible make the night more fun? Kareoke @ Kate Spade's! While shopping her new line coming this fall, kicking back some drinks, or just gazing you did not want to miss some of the hottest dressed on FNO singing their heart out on Kareoke. TOO much fun! I love this girl's outfit!

What makes the night go on and on? Photos with models! We traveled to SOHO's QVC and American Apparel to find the most down-to-earth models out that night and took pictures with them all. Thanks again to everyone of them for being fabulous! We also had a run-in with Editor-in-chief Anna Wintour who was spotted at QVC! Unfortunately, i did nab a picture.

Now who can say no to these two hotties? I called my dibbs!

I have saved the best for last! I didn't go on this search alone! Here are all the ladies and their outfits that came along with me on FNO. EnJoy!


We ended the night at American Apparel were a modeling contest was taking place. Everyone gets a chance to be photographed with minimum of 2 AA pieces for a chance to be flown to LA for a shoot. Of course i didn't end the night without one jaw-dropping photo.
GGVogue OUT!

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