Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gamer Earrings Bonanza!

We came across an enormous amount of gamer earrings we couldn't help but post some them. Most of the earrings are unisex! Here are some amazing, cute, weird, and practical earrings from your favorite games.

Super Mario Piranha Plant Earrings - Our fine little leafy enemy can not only take a bite out of Mario but stylishly out of your ear lobes in this super cute, super chic earrings. Get your's here!

Portal 2 Earrings- Jump back and forth from work to evening with these earrings. When choosing what to wear, always fall on black! Get your pair here!

Baby Metroid Earrings- It's not enough that their cute, but how creative are these cuties? ~PixelPalaceEtsy knows her way around chic, cute, and girl gamer. Props! Get yours via her Deviant Art here!

Legend of Zelda : Link's Shield Studs- Ok , I know not all of you wear dangles so here's a treat for you! Super cute Link's Shield Studs are any LOZ fan's dream come true! Don't let the dim lights on the picture mislead you! Get your pair here!

Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children Cloudy Wolf Earrings- Made with genuine 925 Sterling silver and oxidized to bring out the details, these amazingly creative, elegant, and practical earrings are most wanted for any female FF7 fan. What are you waiting for?! Get your's here!

Resident Evil Umbrella Corp Zombie Earrings- If your not a big fan of dangles or studs we got something for you too! This are an amazing creative elegant piece of the RE title. People won't even recognize it's inspired by a video game! Get your pair here!

Minecraft Earrings- If your as addicted to Minecraft as the lot of us, then you should very well know who this character is and how infuriating he can be. Why not pay back for all his angst and hang him by your ears? That'll teach him. Get your pair here!

Space Invader Earrings-  Much cuter than your in game enemy, these earrings will bring the rave to you. Style them with a black attire, and you can be the highlight of an elegant evening. Just be warned, everyone will ask "Where did you get those earrings?" Your welcome! Get these cutie here!

Pac-Man & Ghost Silver Studs-Relive your retro Pac-ing days with these silver studs. FYI, one stud is Pac-Man and the other Ghost. No pair comes with two. Get your pair here!

Love our selection? Want to see more? Then comment below!!!

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