Monday, April 16, 2012

Video Games That Should be reMade and How

I was going over what games I had played as a kid and had wondered what ever happened to them. Some games have had too many sequels like Sonic and Final Fantasy, while others had none. What gaming companies should consider is remaking classic games to bring back fans of the 1980s and 1990s. We all have seen enough Sonic and Cloud and as much as we love them, they were not the only game played. Sometimes it even seems the Video Game Culture is diminishing to a mundane mimic of other industries. So, we compiled a list of games that should really be invested in because it is not only about time to remake them, but also satisfying that nostalgic feeling could give brownie points. Here we go!
9.) Zombies Ate My Neighbors

As a kid, I played this game with immense concentration and diligence. The game challenged the player to save all your neighbors whom are babies, old ladies, cheerleaders, and lazy men. The game was challenging because the zombies were never ending and the puzzles require you to think of ways to reach some neighbors via keys and trampolines by defeating hordes of infested monsters and bosses. If done right, this game could be remade to go from good to amazing; however, making a remake does not necessarily mean make another game exactly like it, only similar and creatively fresh yet nostalgic enough for all devices, including the iOS system.
If it’s something for the iOS systems, I’d see it being tap the zombies to kill them more than having an analog controller on the screen because frankly they suck (Like Ragnarok for the iOS). If it’s something for a console, I wouldn’t go Left 4 Dead or Resident Evil but like GTA without the prostitutes. Let the player have a wide range of vehicles and weapons to save his neighbors, not a skirt gun.
8.) Streets of Rage
The best part of this game was the multi-player possibility to play either a kid on skates or a kangaroo in the later series, and kick some ass. Within the game, alternate endings were possible depending on the 1 or 2 player co-op and if they made in-game decisions. The games normally revolved around crime boss, Mr. X taking over the city and you, as a crime fighter to stop organized crime or become the new boss. Traps, weapons, and enemy AI, which pick up weapons, block, and execute co-operative attacks made the game fun and stimulating.
 I can see this game being remade keeping it 2D with special attacks, better graphics, and using 2D in a 3D environment will make this game worthwhile. Simply making this game 3D and alternate story like in Project Altered Beast for PS2 which was a remake of Altered Beast was…how should I put it nicely? Sad. Sometimes just not going with the big 3D graphics with some games is better. This is one game that prides itself in 2D glory! Don’t change that, just add to it.
7.) Space Channel 5
Space Channel 5 is a groovy dance game that can be easily remade to Wii or Kinect. Fighting crime one dance step at a time would bring a fun addition to just dancing. I still cannot understand how Ulala is reporting while fighting crime against aliens but the concept was cool enough to get males and females to play. Michael Jackson had a huge part in the development of the dance moves as a great deal of the same moves were his own used in both Space Channel and Space Channel: Part 2  for the PS2.
The music obviously needs to be original. As much as I liked to dance to “We No Speak Americano”, I have Zumba and Just dance for that. The whole “Simons Says..” aspect of the game worked then, but it won’t work now. How to combat this? Simple. Having the moves set show like a music sheet on the top (Kinda the same way Guitar Hero had it). Besides making the graphics better, adding different music, and installing a different dance system this game could be a good remake.
6.) Jurassic Park
Last year, TellTale Games created Jurassic Park The Game for the PC, Mac, Xbox360, PS4, and iOS as a cinematic game. It was Jurassic Park with better graphics but the game itself was not a crazy sell with its QTE game play. Many fans were looking forward to a “Dino Crisis” or Jurassic Park for the Sega Genesis battle system. Granted, for the Sega Genesis the player used tranquilizer darts; this still beats button-smashing X in QTE. I commend TellTale for remaking, but is it considered a remake if it is not done better? The 16-bit version was at least suspenseful.
What would have worked better was a mix of QTE and First-person/Third-person shooter and survival. Think uncharted 2 with dinosaurs hunting you, add some SWAT teams, crazy scientists trying to preserve the dinosaurs by hunting you down via robots, greedy businessmen that will do anything to conserve the “dinosaur theme park”, a band of idealist sent to blow up the island and everyone on it, you as the only sane logical definitive protagonist who can save, destroy, or flee the island, and you got one hell of game. Oh, think of the possible suspense and twists!
5.) Aladdin 
I know what you may be thinking, “What? Another Disney game?” Well no, a concept talked over with a bunch of gamers came up with an adult version of Aladdin. Growing up on Aladdin for the Sega Genesis, I found the game to be fun. It was very short so playing it repeatedly was easy. There weren’t any puzzles, just side scrolling hack-n-slash with some apple throwing on the Sega Genesis and more acrobatic jumping and dodging on the SNES. I loved the SNES version more just because when you played you felt like the developers cared to input all the characters including Abu and Jasmine in the game itself.
However, Aladdin is a thief with skills like Prince of Persia or Assassins Creed so to give him such futile attacks seems disappointing to his character. Let say we combine aspects of these games with fantasy, better graphics, missions and quests in town and desert, ability to uncover treasure, battle thieves and guards, control your Abu, give it a more mature ambiances (like Uncharted), and there ya’ go; a remake of Aladdin. Of course, it is easier said than done, but this is the starting point. Only thing we must add is, please, for the love of gaming; have him be one sexy thief. ;D
These are all my own opinions and ideas for games. Have you got some reMake game ideas? Keep reading for the remainder of the 9 games we are hoping to be reMade!

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  1. I would like to remake Ranger X from the genesis and Strider!


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