Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sleeping Dogs Preview- To Purchase or Not to Purchase? That's your Prerogative.

Rarely do we find ourselves faced with a game’s storyline that takes place in a completely different country and still maintains some aspect of what is reality. In Sleeping Dogs, you play a Chinese undercover cop who is infiltrated into the most ruthless of the Chinese mafia: The Traids. Taken into consideration that this game is action packed with gore and violent enough to make us wonder how well the storyline will sell.

It reminds me of a mix of GTA and Shenmue, however because of the strong influences of Batman: Arkham Asylum combat system; this game will prove itself to be something worth playing. Additionally, components of the game are its driving qualities. With several Need for Speed developers having also worked on this game, you can expect a great deal of aspects to this game to be tuned close to captivating perfection. I am not trying to toot Square Enix’s horn, but after Activision canceled the game thinking it was not going to build any revenue, I can see this game being well worth the price.  After observing how good the game play and battle systems are, I feel one can only expect the storyline to suck so we will have to just see how this goes.
Sleeping Dogs shows much promise as both Square Enix and United Front Games collaborated when making it. It is difficult to stay optimistic when preceding games set in a different country or are super violent and gang related either got a great deal of hate or no recognition. Hopefully, Sleeping Dogs is kick-ass enough to overcome this, clearing any doubts and all odds.

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