Tuesday, April 03, 2012

It's not personal. I just can't stand Persona.

Sometimes even the story doesn't make sense.

The Persona game series can be an interesting find. The concept of being a kid by day and a shadow hunter by night is refreshing. You fight by shooting your head with a gun to call out personification of social links called Personas. (The gun isn't a real gun, just looks like one...) The social aspect of the game includes building social connections with other people to make personas more powerful. Building up my charisma, intelligence, and courage is also necessary to get rare and strong personas within the game via social connections. Some social connections require you to be very smart or very charming towards certain people to have the opportunity to obtain new personas.

Do I really want to go to a dungeon that sounds like what I deep my shrimp in?
Now while this JRPG sounds cool, there is one HUGE disadvantage to it: the game-play itself. It is frustrating that whenever I enter the tower, one wrong move going up and the game is over. It does not matter how strong you are half the time, if you are not tactical you will die and start over. I had times going up the tower where death himself takes his chance and hunts me down. It gets frustrating when I am so far up the tower and I get beat down by low level monsters whom just get the one up on me.  If you run around a floor long enough your characters get tired and suck at fighting for the next two days. It is time consuming like most JRPGs, but this one boarders on the line of testing my patience, and putting a bullet through my brain. Having spent 32 hours on the game, any it’s become of the most annoying games I have ever played. Games should require an investment, but how far will a company go before it becomes pain-staking? I'm not even going to touch why the characters have to shoot themselves to force their Personas out because in the anime of Persona 4 they don't need to.
I gave it a chance. Like 32 hours of chances!
There is a mix of elements I feel that RPGs need to entertain, challenge, and intrigue the player. The game has to have a good battle system that balances the story so it is slow-paced and long, the fighting should be fast and end quickly. The dungeons and areas of fighting should not be repeated monotonous areas that look alike but vibrant graphics of scenery and color. Bosses should be challenging, but not unforgiving if a player is skilled yet a lower level. Monsters should not be difficult other than to mold the player to a certain fighting style necessary to beat bosses. Even though Persona takes a unique approach to gaming, it does not par with games like Tales of Graces F which does an amazing job with it is battle system, story, graphics, and cinematic scenery. It makes the game more invoking with these aspects, unlike Persona 3 with repeating dungeons, boring battle system, and weak story. I started this game way before the ones I am playing now, but I could not control my anger after a while of the same nonsense. When I have time again or maybe when I am at the point of death by boredom, I will try to play it.
After 59 levels of very similar bloody levels, your just asking kids to kill themselves.

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