Sunday, March 04, 2012

LDH Designs: Gaming Jewelry Come to Life

Written by MsSpiceGrr
Jewelry designer and housewife, Leah Hoffman was far in the game when playing Zelda: Ocarina of Time on her family’s cherished Wii. In the middle of fighting for the spiritual stones, she imagined how much actual pieces of these jewels could be worth for gamers. She quickly realized that not only would replicas of the priceless jewels in these games add the jolt she needed for her family’s jewel designing business, but the design of these jewels in particular would also display her original style and love for games. With the help of her husband Drew, Leah set off to design these precious gaming stones and create the perfect pieces that cannot be misconstrued for any thing other than the original, including Zora’s sapphire, Kokiri’s emerald, and Goron’s ruby.
Leah admits that before designing the gaming jewels she was quite bored with this business. She and her husband started out with LDH Designs after Leah’s aunt moved to Hawaii and left her beads design store in her niece’s hands. Leah learned everything she knows about beads and jewel designing from her aunt and honed her craft over the years. However, in the midst of her marriage, raising children and keeping a home she recognized that she was juggling with too many things at once. 
LDH Designs first took off after much success with the local audience who appreciate peas and carrots designs, an idea Leah thought of relating to people who shop at farmers markets. This is one of LDH’s three-line designs that has done and continues to do well.  She sells most of her designs locally however, the peas and carrots line are the only designs that are run online. Her last jewel line has more contemporary jewelry, but after losing interest with these pieces, she needed some pizazz in her creations to not only keep her devotion to designing jewels but also to her and her family’s business.
            It’s been a year since the Zelda inspired line of jewels were launched and it has grossed more revenue than any other of LDH’s jewel designs. It is the most popular of LDH lines to date and “the best one in my opinion” she adds. This is most likely because of the quality of these designs and the value behind it that fueled her for months to perfect each stone and create masterpieces for gaming lovers to appreciate. Her love for these games and the jewels that come with it is what has made this jewelry line thrive as much as it has. With Drew by her side, who thought of the ideas for five of her most current creations, it is no wonder that LDH Designs has had great success with introducing the “gaming side” to jewelry.

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