Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Girl Gamers Vs Photolites

Girls posing in inappropriate attire, half naked or fully naked with consoles or controllers around them are destroying the culture of girl gamers. These females, who call themselves girl gamers in actuality, are what we refer to as photolites; the internet socialite that seeks attention and fame through outrageous photos displaying raw sensuality and promiscuity. These girls are not gamers. Real girl gamers do not post pictures or mention that they are girls most of the time. In an online community at, more girls said they are not willing to offer a picture of themselves or even say that they are girls. So why would a girl gamer post a sexy picture of herself when it is not in her nature?
Jessica Chobits
It is frustrating to see these photos that have become widely popular because of the hype they get when posted. Gaming celebrities like Jessica Chobits, became famous producing stunts similar to this but not so extreme. It is almost innate for girls who want that fame to aim for it by posting pictures infiltrated with sexual appeal and call themselves gamers. These women however, should refrain from calling their attention-grabbing photos, “girl gaming” and learn to define themselves as photolites. This would put a stop to the damage of the name of a girl gamer that continues to affect their reputation in a professional and casual gaming environment.  These photolites are not real gamers, but a distorted impersonation that unfortunately girl gamers have not been able to eliminate. Hopefully, we can set the boundaries of what a gamer is as compared to the attention seeking photolite.

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