Wednesday, December 07, 2011

NEWS - Mario Kart 7, Sony PS Vita, Jeffery Campbells and more!

Mario Kart 7
If your a Mario Kart fan, you'll love the next installment of the old time series! Bringing back the same race tracks like Mushroom Cup and Special Cup but with new tracks like Maple Treeway where Nintendo decided to add new features such as racing by land, sea, and air!  New power ups such as Lucky 7(Huge arsenal of weapons all at once), Super Leaf (swipe enemies with raccoon tail), and Fire Flower (fire fireballs at enemies) were added into this installment. Be prepared to pimp out your ride by alternating tires, gliders, and dashboards to be number one!

Mario Kart 7 is out for the Nintendo 3DS only!

Sony PS Vita
So have you heard? Sony announced at E3 the New Sony PS Vita said to be release in 2012. It's features include chatting while playing a game, multitouch 5-inch OLED display, front and rear camera enabling augmented reality, Dual analog sticks, WI-FIaccess or 3G, and continuous game play between Your PS vita and PS3 on compatible titles. Thanks to we know of some huge technical issues Sony PS Vita has:
1) Can't play classic PSOne games
2) You pay twice for the UMD games that you might already own
3) You don't choose where to save within games
4) The battery life is limited and possibly frustrating
5)Vita only accepts specialized memory cards that costs more than a game
6)Limited amount of Titles supported on the Vista
7) Sony still doesn't make their new consoles back-wards compatible
8) It still looks like the PSP
9) Sony doesn't care about customers since you have ignored our  requests!

So if your thinking about purchasing the Sony PS Vita, save your money and time. Grab an Android, iOS, or even an iPhone.

Shoes Galore!
Want the latest in shoes? Then check out these amazing must buys from Jeffery Campbell, Marimekko, UO, and Steve Madden!
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