Friday, September 02, 2011 start off let's get to know Girl Gamer Market

I created this Blog because the Life of a Girl Gamer is not known, as a matter of fact, Girl Gamers keep their gaming hobbies a secret. Beside the aspect that men think female gamers are rarer than Bigfoot, I will debunk that theory. Shedding to light that yes females play FPS(GOW/Halo/ COD), MMORPGs(WOW/Aion/FFXI), MMOs(Mabinogi/FLYFF), 2-D side walkers(Contra/ SF), 3-D old school( Sonic/Donkey Kong), and even board games( Settlers of Catan) just to name a few, it's about time we gave girl gamers a venue to be themselves. Not only because we can kick-ass in games but still blow your mind in intellect and just being our sexy self.

I myself grew up on VGs and Anime/manga. I've lived in Japan for a while ( and no i'm not Japanese; I'm actually Dominican), speak the language, and have a childhood on role-playing. (YES i did role play!) I do cosplay at anime conventions, meet my favorites voice actors( Gundam Wing), and even though i've never been to E3, I've always wanted to go!

Now let's come to grips with this phenomenon. A gamer whose a girl? Yes. But what's more important is the amount of women gamers out there. About 35%-40% of the gaming market are female. The only issues is you wont know a women is a gamer unless she has a controller in her hand. I personally am proud to say i play games and i want women out there to not be afraid to say you are too! Games are just not for kids anymore. The dynamic of games today have far surpass people's expectations were DS games now incorporate court cases as games. ( Phoenix Wright Attorney Law, DS) Some games are learning mechanisms for science and language. Because of the wide range now games are encompassing, the sooner women say they like games the more likely they can tap into the successful world of gaming. It's fun, challenging, and ever growing.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not here to boast about being a female gamer. No way. I'm here to shed some light that female gamers need a place they can go to for their gaming interests. Females gamers need a home and community too, and I aim to create one.

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