Saturday, September 03, 2011

Current game im playing

So I'm currently playing this game called Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad and i have to say even as low budget game it is a lot of fun. So the concept of the game is two Japanese sisters with a mysterious cursed  blood coursing through their veins called Baneful Blood who are stuck in  what seems to be Tokyo under attack by zombies. The blood that is in their veins apparently has this unique power that can make them go into rage mode when they have fought a lot. In this mode, they do double the amount of damage, however, if attacked it does twice the amount of damage. The fighting system is free-battle based so you can walk around slash, kick, and with good practice unleash a fury of combos, air-attacks, and throw weapons. In all good fun, this game is defiantly bloody, gory, and quite entertaining. The story doesn't make much sense but its fun as it resembles  samurai concept with an anime twist. 

The thing that annoys me the most about this game is probably the game guide that comes with the game. It gives absolutely no information on the game. Most give you enough information needed to play the game. I was clueless as to even the concept of combos and it wasn't till i was approached by a Bloody Mist monster and couldn't kill it that i had to search for a guide. Reading the guide i realized how little i really knew about the game. First of all, for each time you level up you can allocate points to skill, vitality, strenth, and something else i can't care to remember. Anyhoo, the guide says not to even BOTHER putting points in another than skill has the higher the skill the more likely you can kill the Bloody Mist monster which gives rare accessories only accessible during game play. The game doesn't even mention this abomination and nothin of the leveling attribute that come with it. Normally i don't jump to a guide when i play but i just couldn't stand the lack of knowledge i had when playing. Now more informed but still hesitant to know what to do to beat bosses i play the game with much more Joy. : D

Aya Can defiantly kick butt in her minimal coverage. :D
The badd-ass samurai sisters. One is in a high school uniform...
The Start Menu

Gameplay (Blood spatters onto the screen as you fight)
What i love even more about this game is depending on what you do, you get some items like article of clothing to dress up your characters. Now i love me a game that let's me fight in style!

The bosses tend to be fellow or crazy fellas who work for an organization that wants to take the Baneful Blood from the sisters to use it for evil. Apparently, an old bag runs the organization with tons of yakuza-like underlings whom just dont die when you kill them after a boss battle.. Anyhoo, there aren't really puzzles in the game but you DO have to adventure to places you've been to before in order to continue with the story.

The boss battles tend not to be easy either. You can choose between Easy, Normal and when you beat it on normal to hard however, it is seriously challenging. Some monsters can only be eliminated on rage mode while others carry weapons like guns, chainsaws, shotguns, and mallets and they use them too!

Skill combos tend to increase with skill, so its best to just bang that out to dish the pain on them zombies! Once you've maxed out skill, vitality would be your next best bet. Most of the time you might need to play easy and normal mode inter-changeably to guarantee enough points to fill your skill bar up. I normally go back and forth between zones to allow zombies to re-spawn to gain more points.

Within the game you can choose between 3 characters ( when you get to the 3rd stage you get the 3rd character): Aya, Saki, and Anna. Aya can use two swords, Saki uses one long sword, and Anna has two pistols, a machine gun, and a shotgun. All of these women are ready for battle! 

I love the fact that this game is very much female based but it is assumed that this game was made for a man because of the near-nakedness of it, but ya know what? I honestly doubt that. I find it awesome to run around as a sexy-ass samurai slicing up some zombie and kicking some serious ass while being stylish in my customized clothing.  And seriously, do you not think we like the near nakedness of it as well? 

So to sum this game up, it incorporates gorey, sexy, action, RPG, fun,de-stressing, fasion, women, and more!
I recommend this game to the average game girl looking for some de-stressing from a hard days work, and RPG like adventure game. EnJoy.

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